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You're a very committed parent - your kids mean the world to you and you always wanted to be a better parent to your children than your parents were to you.

But perhaps it feels like this plan isn't working out  -  parenting is so much more of a struggle than you ever expected.

I want you to know that if you're going through something like this, it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you or you're not cut out to be a parent. It's just that you haven't been shown loving ways to parent that work for you and your children.

If this sounds like you, and you'd like to become the kind of parent you've always wanted to be, then you're in the right place...



Is this what's coming up?

  • Your child's behaviour has deteriorated, perhaps following a house move, relationship break-up, change in circumstance, new baby, illness, death or new school or setting.
  • Their anger outbursts or anxious episodes have become more frequent, more explosive, more random, more unmanageable.
  • You have a track record of doing things to a high standard, you take your parenting very seriously and you don't understand where you've gone wrong.
  • Your child's behaviour is pushing you to the limit and you're worried to distraction that you're damaging them with your outbursts.


What if it was possible to put all this behind you? 

What if you knew the steps you need to take to CONNECT with your child, so that you become a team?

What if you had the skills to create an ENJOYABLE morning routine?

What if you knew how to help siblings GET ON BETTER?

And imagine this:

Your child trusting you so completely that they'd come to you with ANYTHING, because they know it’s safe to share their feelings with you.

So that... your family becomes a place where EVERYONE CAN BE THEMSELVES and you solve problems by talking them through



So, what is getting in the way?

The problem here is not that you aren't cut out to be a parent.

It isn’t that you shouldn’t have had children, or that you shouldn’t have had your second child...

It’s rather that there’s a missing piece.

This missing piece is the parenting skills you were never taught, to create the loving family you really want.

Right now you may be telling yourself that you should know how to bring the best out of your child.

But here's a question for you: How are you meant to work this all out for yourself?

The incredible, committed parents I speak to have never been shown how to parent lovingly and effectively... and I'm guessing this might be the same for you.


That’s why I teach you the steps to create a deep soul bond with your child, so that you can have the happy family you've always wanted. 

When you and your child feel deeply connected, they'll be happier and they'll do what you ask.

However messy and out of control things feel right now, I assure you that you can get there.

That’s exactly what my Happy Child Happy Family 1-to-1 mentoring package helps you achieve.


Happy Child Happy Family 1-to-1 Mentoring Package 

In this package, we will step through everything you need to know to create that deep, lasting connection with your child, so that you can have the relaxed family life you want.


Here’s what will change for you:

  • You’ll have at your finger tips the effective, radically loving tools you need to solve behaviour challenges gracefully, so that you can avoid the power struggles and instead solve conflicts by having helpful conversations with your child;
  • You'll be becoming the loving and effective leader your family needs, who is kind but firm, and in control, without being controlling;
  • You’ll be using new, enjoyable ways of bringing them to listen and do things that make everything so much easier, so that you never have to use threats, bribery, reward charts or punishments again. 
  • You'll no longer feel that parenting is a chore, because you're enjoying your children, worrying less and having more fun.
  • You'll be feeling a deep connection with your children and looking towards the teenage years with confidence.


When you no longer have to spend sleepless nights feeling guilty, or wondering how to help your child be less angry or less anxious, a whole different family life opens up. 

A family life where:

  • You enjoy getting your child up and off to school/nursery.
  • You look forward to happy days out with the family.
  • Evenings are times to do fun things for yourself or spend time with your partner - not talking about how things went with the children that day.

“When we hit a troubling patch with our daughter who was experiencing big emotions, sensitivity with her clothes and lots of anxiety, Oona was a godsend. She was able to help us first completely shift our parenting paradigm, and then offered us very specific and easy to implement step-by-step strategies and conversation templates.
We saw results around some behaviours immediately.

And Oona’s wisdom on how to help her with the more sticky behaviours has helped us to use these as opportunities to deepen our bond with our daughter, rather than as "problems to be fixed."

Oona is clear, easy to follow and clearly gifted to do this work. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

Joanna Martin, mum of J, 8, and R, 5

"I feel very different since we started working together - it’s really good. I wish I knew these things when I’d gone into being a parent... I think you’ve given me a feeling of freedom that putting myself first is not a selfish act - it’s an act that benefits the whole family.

Having an understanding of myself and why I do things is so crucial - it means I’m able to address the interactions I have with my children, be a calmer parent and do the repair that’s needed.

A lot of parents just don't know how to unpick the cycle of damage. I’m grateful that I now do.”

Wendy Sammels, mum of O, 6, and C, 9

So how does it work?

When you sign up for my Happy Child Happy Family package, here’s what you get:

  •  Personal handholding for you - or for you and your partner. Phew - no more scouring the internet for answers, clutching at straws. Instead, you know what to do and you’re doing it!
  • 1 to 1 mentoring calls hour calls every two weeks per Zoom video: This is when you’ll have one lightbulb moment after another around what’s needed to turn your family into a happy positive place to be. In particular, you get guidance on what to say to your child, so you can have effective conversations with them, that feel so natural and easy.
  • 6 recorded half-hour trainings. These give you additional information to support you in implementing the radically loving strategies and mindset we’ll be discussing on our calls.
  • Email check-ins with me between sessions. While we are working together, I am there for you, in your corner, providing the guidance you need. So if you have a question in-between sessions, you are welcome to email me and I will point you in the right direction.


If you're ready to change your family life forever and discover how to create that happy home you've always wanted, then I invite you to book a complimentary Gift Session with me.

In this free session:

- you'll have time to focus on the aspects of day-to-day life with your children that are most challenging.
- you'll discover what's getting in the way of creating the home life you want.
- whether we go on to work together or not, you'll come way with a much deeper understanding of the reasons for your child's behaviour.
- before we finish we'll come up with a simple plan to support you in creating a happier child and smoother home life.

And just so you know, this call is a judgement-free zone. I talk to parents like you all the time so nothing you say will shock or surprise me – I’m just here to support you and help you get to the root of what's happening.

On this no-charge, no-obligation call. we will discover what's getting in the way for you and your family and what is the best next step to support you to create the family life you want.

Click on the pink button below to book a complimentary Gift Session with me:


“Thank you so much. I feel much more rounded now. I’m able to let things roll off me or turn situations around when my boy is about to explode. I’m grateful. There’s been a profound change from your work, a lot of growth. I feel like I’ve got my boy back and I feel like I’ve got myself back. It means so much."

Ben Lowe, dad of O, 4, and D, 2

“I wanted to highly recommend Oona. I have worked with her for a while and she has been absolutely amazing and helped so much.

I was on a very, very difficult journey with my daughter. A lot of defiance. A lot of emotional dysregulation. She had been unwell for some time so that wasn’t helping.

Oona has taught me so much that we are now in a place where the house is calm and there’s a lot of fun - we do things with laughter! And there’s much greater connection. I’m really, really enjoying the time I have with my children, just loving being a parent. It’s amazing. Thank you, thank you."

Sam R, mum of J, 10 and D,13


1) Is it worth working on my parenting if my partner isn’t interested in making changes and has a more traditional approach to parenting than I do? 

Yes, definitely! 

I have consistently found that it only takes one parent to master the skill of parenting with connection and kindness, to get the whole family feeling lighter and happier, and enjoying time together like never before.


2) I have a lot on my plate right now. Should I wait to speak with you until I have more space in my life?

In my experience, parents are always busy and families always have a lot on their plate. So, the question is: Is this something you want to give your attention to now?

One thing I'd ask you to consider is what would be the impact on your child and family in the longer term, if you don't do this work now?

You will also find that the learnings from this programme enable you to create more time and space in your life.


3) I am concerned I won't be able to afford this.

I have different packages to cater to different needs and budgets, and the purpose of the Happier Way Forward Session is to work out which package would suit you best.

If you feel that the help that I offer would benefit you and your family, I encourage you to book a call. I will be happy to support you and talk it through.


4) How do I know this is going to work for me?

My approach consists of a series of simple steps that consistently get excellent results with children.

I can’t wave a magic wand for you - you need to do the work. But if you implement the steps, you will see your children become more reasonable, kinder and calmer.

If you've done other courses and read all the books, but not got the results, you may be surprised at just how effective our work will be, because over the years I've seen how this approach achieves results across the board.

And to support that, I also offer a Satisfaction Guarantee.


My Satisfaction Guarantee:

If, after working together for one month, you have attended all our sessions and implemented all the steps, and you are not 100% satisfied, I guarantee I will give you a full refund of any payments you’ve made up to that point.

I offer this guarantee because I am 100% confident about the effectiveness of my approach, and I want you to feel an equal level of confidence that you're investing your time and money wisely.