Solve the Struggle with Your Kids with the Six Wise Parenting Powers

THIS FREE GUIDE shows you the radically loving way to solve behaviour problems and create calm at home. You'll learn: 

  • How to connect with your child and set limits with kindness, so you no longer need to raise your voice or shout.
  • The counter-intutive solution for when your child is upset or angry so you can bring calm quickly.
  • The 4 steps you need to know, to have calm, enjoyable bedtimes, mealtimes and off-to-school mornings.
  • How you might be inadvertently encouraging your kids to squabble and what to do instead, so your kids get on better. 
  • The powerful step to you having less worry about your children - as well as to them having more confidence in themselves.

“Oona’s ebook is the most fantastically practical, effective and above all kind parenting resource available. The best thing about it is that reading it feels encouraging and inspiring rather than overwhelming or yet another parenting technique to fail at.”  

Harriet Hancock - Stroud

“This is an amazing set - really valuable! I love the practical examples that make it so relatable. Off to make some changes right now! Thank you so much, Oona.”  

Ela Wassel - Oxfordshire

"Oona's six wise parenting powers are pure gold. I wish every parent would have the chance to learn and implement them. I believe that would create a completely different world and a happier future for us all. Thank you Oona for the incredibly valuable work you are doing.

Shanta Thors - Hemel Hempstead  

"My husband and I are working through your guide together and we’ve found lots of ideas which we have started to put in place - and it’s working!"  

A Rogers  

Oona Alexander, Parenting Specialist, BA Oxford University, supports thousands of parents in the UK and worldwide to raise children who are truly happy and naturally well-behaved, with her radically loving approach.