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Reset Your Relationship with Your Child in 5 Days

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Monday 12th - Friday 16th October 2020 - ONLINE

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If you are tired of the endless battles, and you:

  • can't get your child to listen and do what they need to do;
  • feel alarmed by your child's anxious or explosive behaviour;
  • secretly worry that your relationship with your child might be broken.

Then join me and my community of open-hearted parents for this Reset Your Relationship with Your Child in 5 Days Challenge.

You'll discover:

  • the key ingredient to an enjoyable off-to-school morning with the kids, so that the day gets off to a happy start for everyone;
  • the secrets you uniquely need to find, so you can connect deeply with your child and feel the joy of a beautiful relationship;
  • the true drivers behind your children's behaviour that you probably don't know about;
  • how to end power struggles with your child and bring calm when your child is upset, so that things don't escalate;
  • what you need to do and say so that your children listen and do as you ask.

So that by the end of the week you'll be excited to see your children in the morning and when they come home from school.

You'll be enjoying knowing how to connect with your child and bring them to do what you need them to do.

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Here are the nuts and bolts. You'll get:

  • 5 super short (recorded) training videos which set out your task for the day (I promise your tasks are short and sweet, too!);
  • 5 Live Q&A trainings with me, Oona, with my hottest tips for you - all in the pop-up Facebook group;
  • an interesting and engaged community of parents who are finding ways to make kindness the heartbeat of their family;
  • a step-by-step, intelligent journey of the heart that leads you to a place of deep connection with your child;
  • the opportunity to win prizes that'll support you further on your parenting journey.

Your guide:

Oona Alexander: Radically Loving Parenting Specialist & Clear Beliefs Coach

Oona is a well-known speaker and wise parenting guide, who gives you the tools and insights you need to parent your child out of deep understanding and connection. She is a Pikler expert and Certified Clear Beliefs Coach who has been guiding children and families for a quarter of a century. A mum herself, it's Oona's greatest passion in life to share the little-known, sometimes counter-intuitive steps that lead to a happy, loving family and children who are cooperative and naturally easy-going.

Are you ready to take the next extraordinary step in your parenting?

"Before I met Oona, I was in big knots about my children’s behaviour. Now I am so much more relaxed. Without Oona, I could have spent 20 years getting to this place of connection with them. It’s been amazing. Life with the children is unrecognisable to how it was when Oona appeared."

Harriet Hancock, mum of W, 6 and R, 4, Stroud.

Join us for the heart-expanding Reset Your Relationship with Your Child in 5 Days challenge:

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