Positive Parenting for a Happy Family

Feeling at a loss? Needing some new inspiration?

Here are some tools to unlock your own wisdom as a parent, so you can get things going more smoothly with the kids.


Oona's advice on The Parents' Show - Radio Verulam.

  • How to bring your children to listen and do things.
  • What to do if your child says “No".
  • What to do when multiple demands are being made upon you at the same time.
  • How not to get triggered by your children’s behaviour
  • What we can do about the pressure to be perfect parents - and for our children to be perfect too.
Oona Alexander in Radio Verulam studio

Oona's Magic Phrases

Get some fast help, by watching one of these 2 minute videos. Each one brings you a kind, effective phrase you can use to resolve a tricky situation with your children.

Magic Phrase 1 - for when your child is getting upset or angry and you want to bring calm. My most viewed video.

Magic Phrase 2 - for when your children are fighting over a toy and you’d like to find a solution.

Magic Phrase 3 - for when you'd like your child to do something, like put on their coat, but they're zoning you out.

Magic Phrase 4 - for when you're out at a kids' party or playgroup and your child hurts another child.

Magic Phrase 5 - for when your children are winding each other up and you want to bring calm.

Magic Phrase 6 - for when your child hits - or similar - and you'd like to let your child know that you don't want them to do this, without wounding them in the process.

Magic Phrase 7 - for when your child is being unreasonable and you think it might be because of something you said earlier on.

Magic Phrase 8 - for you to say to yourself to prevent yourself getting triggered by your child's behaviour.

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