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My mission and greatest passion in life is helping parents like you solve behaviour problems so you can have a happy family, and do it in a way that feels right and above all, loving.

I’m pioneer of this radically loving approach and the only parenting expert in the UK who uses it to help parents transform their lives.

The way I work is not only radically loving towards your child, but also towards you, the parent.

  • No more guilt or worry that you're just not cut out to be a parent;
  • No more feeling ashamed of your children’s behaviour;
  • No more clutching at straws trying this, trying that, without success.

And instead, say hello to a happy you - and the happy, loving family you dreamt of.

It doesn’t matter how stuck you’re feeling with that dream - I promise you, I was just as stuck!

Oona Alexander

The seed was planted when I as a child growing up in London experienced first-hand what happens when things go wrong in the family - and parents don’t get support.

I remember when one of my siblings was so furious that all the breakfast things ended up on the floor and the walls had coffee stains for years afterwards.
There were regular explosions, insults and even minor violences too.
So perhaps it wasn’t surprising that another sibling ended up on drugs for many years.

I knew in my heart that I didn’t want this kind of turmoil
and conflict for my life.

Oona AlexanderInstead I decided to commit myself to kindness, modelling myself on my great-aunt - who for me epitomised everything kind…

Well, I wish I’d known then - as a twenty-something-year-old emerging onto the stage of life - what I know now!

Because I promise you that nothing I experienced on my journey towards kindness was easy - whether as an Oxford undergraduate, unrequited lover, organic gardener, primary teacher, storyteller, playgroup leader, wife or mother!

Of course not.
Because when we grow up with conflict, we can’t help repeating the pattern of conflict in our lives - either inner conflict or outer conflict - or both! Even if it’s the last thing we want in our lives.

Oona AlexanderAnd the biggest shift of all was when I became a mother. I had never realised how challenging it would be.

Over many years, with the help of wise mentors and coaches, I managed to heal the conflict in my life.

I now have:

  • an incredibly loving, trusting and secure relationship with my son;
  • happy school-runs, mealtimes, bedtimes, evenings and weekends;
  • a peaceful, happy home with lots of hugs and laughter.


In short, I learnt how to radically love my child
and be a great parent.

Knowing that many parents were unhappily trapped in the cycle of shouting, bribing, forcing and punishing, I wanted to empower them to unlock their own unique and loving wisdom.

I threw myself into getting the training and expertise I needed for this next step.

And here I am, ready to help you discover how to radically love your children to happiness and great behaviour.

“There’s something magical about you. I’m unlocking things from inside.”
Sally Mesner-Lyons, London

My clients continually amaze me with their ability to dramatically improve their situations.

And it’s not about perfection - I’m not a perfect parent.
But I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to say: I adore my life, my son is emotionally literate - and we have masses of fun!

Most of all I can now say with confidence that I’m a great mum - and I know my son thinks so too.

And this is what I want for you, too.

Are you ready to find out if this new, radically loving approach to parenting is just what your family needs?

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The Official Bit:

  • 25 years supporting children, parents and families as a class teacher, family-learning leader, storyteller and parent and child group leader;
  • Of which 12 years running parent and child groups, guiding literally hundreds of families;
  • Pikler expert;
  • Parent educator: the Nurturing Programme;
  • Certified Clear Beliefs Coach;
  • Early Years Professional Status: Postgraduate qualification;
  • Co-founder of the Pikler UK Association;
  • BA Oxford University;
  • Diploma in Waldorf/Steiner Education.