Hi, I'm Oona, and it's my greatest mission in life to help committed parents like you to build a deep soul bond with your children and create the happy family you've always wanted.

I firmly believe you can become the calm, effective parent you want to be and have the peace at home that you long for - no matter how messy, chaotic and even dysfunctional it might feel right now.

I know you can do it, because I did it - and because I have helped hundreds of other parents to do it, too.

Oona at 7 years old

The seeds of my work were sown in childhood.

It wasn't the happiest of times. I never felt I was quite the daughter my mother wanted to have.

My father used to laugh and tell me: "Oona, you were a mistake. Mummy was furious when she found out she was pregnant with you."

I often felt ignored, misunderstood and alone. My parents did love me and they did care - but they just didn't know how to express it in a way that a child could understand. So I often felt unloved. When I visited friends' homes where the parents were kind and warm, I was jealous...

The result was that in my twenties I rarely visited home and my parents and I missed out on a decade or more of together time.

Fast forward a few decades and my son arrived.

I promised myself I would parent him differently: We would have an unconditionally loving relationship, and I would always be kind.

Being an experienced teacher, I presumed it would be easy..

How wrong I was!

At the age of 5, my son hit me with his building planks - and he wouldn't stop. I completely lost my temper, shouting at him and throwing the planks out of the back door. Clearly I hadn’t quite mastered kindness yet.

How could I stop this happening?


It took a lot of searching, but at last I got some answers.

I found a child care training, underpinned by decades of research, that made every cell in my body flip. My trainers blew my mind with their wisdom.

They taught me how to raise my child AND how to create secure and happy outcomes for the families I was working with.

I made changes at home.

  • I became calmer and kinder.
  • I learnt how to create happy school runs, mealtimes, bedtimes…
  • He told me everything.

I became the mum I wanted to be - not perfect, but kind, happy, confident, and able to provide my son with the safety and consistency he needed.




Today my son is 17.

We get on just great and he often expresses gratitude for the way I trust him.

"That's why I trust myself," he says.





Over the last thirty years working with children and families, I've acquired laser vision for the reasons for children's 'irrational' behaviours - and I know how to help them feel and behave better.

When I share this understanding with parents, parents start to change, from the inside.

I don't tell parents to be calm...

It just happens!

I get such a kick out of it when a parent realises they've actually become the calm and loving parent they were longing to be.

And that they're finally truly ENJOYING raising their beautiful children.


Goodbye, old dysfunctional patterns. Hello, happy family 🙂


“We were trapped in a miserable thing - and it didn’t seem as if there was any way of getting out of it. Without Oona it would have been impossible. Oona’s been with us every step of the way, in a way I didn’t think was possible. She wasn’t preachy or judgmental, which made it easy to be completely honest about how things are. She was on our team, like a guardian angel. I am so grateful that we now have a happy family life. ”
Joanna, mum of 3 children, 13, 9 and 3.

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The Official Bit:

  • 30 years guiding hundreds of families as a speaker, coach, mentor, teacher, family-learning leader, storyteller and parent-and-child-group leader;
  • Pikler expert;
  • Parent educator: the Nurturing Programme;
  • Certified Clear Beliefs Coach;
  • Voice Dialogue Facilitator;
  • Early Years Professional Status: Postgraduate qualification;
  • Co-founder of the Pikler UK Association;
  • BA Oxford University;
  • Diploma in Waldorf/Steiner Education.