Hi, I'm Oona, and it's my greatest mission in life to empower committed parents like you to create the happy family you want to have.

I firmly believe that you have it in your power to be the calm, effective parent you want to be. I know you can do it, because I did it, and because I have helped hundreds of other parents to do it, too.

If you want to become that parent, you can!

Oona at 7 years old

I didn't have the happiest of childhoods.

When I was about 12 years old I visited my Aunty Bunty in Ireland. Basking in her smiles and kind attention, for the first time I felt truly loved and accepted just as I was.

Back in London my mother told me off for crying because I was off to boarding school. "Why not enjoy the time you've got at home, instead of worrying about what's coming later on?"

Fast forward a few decades and my son arrived.

I wanted to parent him differently: I would have an unconditionally loving relationship with him, promising myself that I would always be kind.

By that time, I was an experienced teacher and I presumed I'd take mothering in my stride. How wrong I was!

At the age of 5, my son hit me with his building planks - and wouldn't stop. I completely lost it, throwing the planks out of the back door. Clearly I hadn’t quite mastered kindness yet. How could I stop this happening?

It took a lot of searching, but at last I got some answers.

I found a training led by wise women whose understanding of kindness, underpinned by decades of research, made every cell in my body flip. I wanted them to teach me how to raise my child and create security and happy outcomes for the families I was working with.

I made changes at home.

  • I was kinder.
  • We had happy school runs, mealtimes, bedtimes… hugs and laughter.
  • He told me everything.

I became the mum I wanted to be - not perfect, but kind, happy, confident, and able to provide my son with the safety and consistency he needed.

Today my son is 17.

We get on just great and he often expresses gratitude for the way I trust him.

"That's why I trust myself," he says.

In the course of my trainings, my work with parents and my own self-reflection, I've acquired laser vision for the reasons children behave in the way they do, like why a 6-year-old can’t stop lashing out at a sibling 'out of the blue’.

There's nothing I love more than teaching you how to handle your children's seemingly irrational behaviour compassionately and effectively.

And helping you become the calm parent you want to be.

And most of all I love the JOY when the parents I'm working with realise they've made progress and they're actually enjoying being parents.

Goodbye to old dysfunctional patterns. Hello to a Happy Family!


“There’s something magical about you. I’m unlocking things from inside.”
Sally Mesner-Lyons, London

My vision is to share this knowledge with parents across the world, so that we have happier parents, happier children and a more peaceful world.

Would you like to you join me and my community of parents and feel supported as you create your happy family?


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The Official Bit:

  • 25 years guiding hundreds of families as a speaker, coach, mentor, teacher, family-learning leader, storyteller and parent-and-child-group leader;
  • Pikler expert;
  • Parent educator: the Nurturing Programme;
  • Certified Clear Beliefs Coach;
  • Voice Dialogue Facilitator;
  • Early Years Professional Status: Postgraduate qualification;
  • Co-founder of the Pikler UK Association;
  • BA Oxford University;
  • Diploma in Waldorf/Steiner Education.