Hi, I’m 0ona!
And I believe that families are happiest when children feel loved and understood, so I teach busy parents how to connect with their kids, guide them with kindness and create a calm happy home where everyone can thrive.

Since you’re here ...

I'm guessing you’re looking for a solution to your child’s challenging behaviour.

Perhaps you're finding it all hard to bear: the squabbles, tantrums, back-talk, hitting, upsets or anxiety.

You don't understand how this has happened.


You're trying to do everything right, so why aren't your children listening?

You love them so much, yet you feel like you're pushing them away.

The very the last thing you wanted was to be a shouty parent. 

Because you know that their future as happy, healthy adults is in your hands.

But - whether it's pick-up, bedtime or the morning rush - you're not being the parent you want to be.


No-one ever told you parenting would be this hard.

This overwhelming.

No-one told you you’d be lying awake at night feeling helpless and guilty.

Worrying that they might feel how you once felt.

Or wondering what's going to happen in the teenage years, if you're still battling it out.


I understand how frustrated or anxious you may be feeling right now.

And I want you to know that, whatever you're saying to yourself, none of this is your fault.

At all.


And there IS another way, that is wiser, kinder and, above all, easier. 


Solve the Struggle with your Kids

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What if …

What if there was someone who completely understood you and your kids, exactly as you are right now?

Someone who could take you by the hand and show you how to re-connect with your children and bring them to listen - so you can all have peace and calm at home?

Well, there is.

I help parents like you create the family life you want.


Imagine this:

Everyone relaxed and happy.

You and the kids having fun, enjoying weekends and days out together, happy mealtimes and calm bedtimes.

Your children listening, so you can talk things through in a reasonable way.

How would that feel?


Believe me, it is possible. 

If you’ve had enough of feeling exhausted, frustrated and at a complete loss as to how to start making things better, book one of the complimentary cals I release each month and let me show you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Here are 3 steps to getting family life back on track:


Don't waste another day fighting battles and feeling frazzled.


You love your children and you want them to be happy.

Let me show you what's possible and how to create a life that feels good, for you and your children. 

I look forward to speaking with you:



“When I found Oona, I was miserable, desperate - and anxious about my 5 year old’s future. I felt out of touch with him, like I was losing control.
With Oona’s non-judgemental guidance, I learnt how to set healthy boundaries while staying open and flexible and creating a loving, caring atmosphere at home.  As a result, I feel quite different these days, much happier and more importantly for me, my son is much happier and his behaviour is much better too!
For me, Oona’s brilliant personalised advice and friendly attitude have been priceless!”
Tanya Stankeva, Peterborough, UK

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