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Did you hope parenting would be like this?

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Only to find it's more like this?

Are you reaching the end of your tether?
You're not alone!


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True for you? Then I'm guessing you'd rather:

  • Be calm, controlled and kind.
  • Have fun with your children.
  • Not fight every inch of the way to get something done.
  • Enjoy stress-free bed and mealtimes.
  • Be able to leave the house without ageing ten years.
  • Get pleasure out of parenting.


All this is completely achievable with my


Happy Parent Happy Child 1-to-1 Solution


I’ll help you understand why things are not working and give you tools that do. You’ll learn:

  • My Four Step System for giving children everyday guidance, in language they welcome and understand;
  • The secret of what makes children want to listen;
  • How to get their attention and ask them to do something in such a way that they want to do it;
  • How to avoid everyday frustrations;
  • The essential parenting tool that quickly de-escalates fraught situations and brings calm.



You’ll feel in control, but you won’t be controlling.
Your child’s behaviour will be contained, but you won’t be crushing their spirit.
You and your child will become a team.
The whole family will feel more relaxed and happy.



After working with me you’ll feel so different: you won’t be stuck any more. Yay! You’ll be feeling much more upbeat and optimistic, having fun. And more confident, because things will be going so much better.
It’ll be like this: Your child’ll be saying, “Yes, Mum” and doing what you ask. Because they’ll be loving your new way of communicating. And feeling understood. In short, they’ll be thriving!


Seeing the difference in your child will be,
for you, the icing on the cake!



  • Welcome Pack.
  • Weekly telephone/Skype/online meeting sessions.
  • Completely bespoke sessions to address your specific issues. These will include:
    • Using kind limits - my simple Four Step System which you can use in any situation, setting limits in ways that make your child feel supported and keen to cooperate.
    • Communicating with children in language that lights them up.
    • Creating successful care routines: happy mealtimes, happy bedtimes, getting dressed, tooth-brushing, hair washing, nappy changes, toilet learning, outings, nursery/school drop offs etc.
    • Facilitating respectful sibling relationships so you get more peace at home.
    • Supporting independent play so you get more time to do other things.
    • Creating harmonious play-dates with other children.
    • Recognising and letting go of unhelpful parenting myths. 
    • Absorbing helpful mum-mindsets to underpin your success.
    • Practising essential mum-self-care techniques so you feel more refreshed.

I want you to feel completely supported as we work together, so I'll be holding your hand every step of the way.

Let me help you put the pleasure
back into parenting

“I have so much more energy; my son is happier; I am happier; my husband is happier.”

“We are now on a different trajectory. I have so much more energy; my son is happier; I am happier; my husband is happier. You can’t put a price on the joy you can get from working with you. The money is nothing compared to the benefit. I would pay it many times over to be where I am today.

I am very, very grateful to you. And I hope that any parents who are struggling or stressed out find their way to you.”
A-Jin Kim, Toronto, mother of D, 1 year

“It’s been wonderful. And I’d highly recommend it.”

“Oh God, you’re going to love it! Oona’s wonderful and really makes you see things from the child’s point of view. It’s incredible - that knowledge of how a child thinks. She’ll open your eyes! Whatever you’ve read, it’s so different to have someone who knows and can tailor it to your particular circumstances. Things are so much better than they were before. I feel a lot more confident as a mother and I know what to do. It’s been wonderful. And I’d highly recommend it.”
Sophia Garrido, mother of V, 2, and M, 9 months

“It’s been amazing.”

“Thank you very much indeed. It’s been amazing. Life with the children feels unrecognisable compared to how it was when you appeared”

Harriet Hancock, mother of W, 6, and R, 4.

So, if you don't want to be stuck any more...

... you know what it would be like on the other side but you need help to get there... 

book a FREE call with me so we can chat about what's coming up for you and how I can help.


What age children is the programme suitable for?

  • The Happy Parent Happy Child 1-to-1 Solution is designed for parents with children aged 1 to 7. However the principles are applicable to all ages of children, so you and your family will derive benefit long into the future.

I’m not sure if this approach is a good fit for me and my family.