Joyful Parenting – Joyful Life

Three Gentle Approaches That Will Create More Joy and Less Stress for You and Your Child

A Face-to-Face Masterclass Event

for Parents with Children up to 6 years old


You’re committed to peaceful parenting techniques.
You and your child enjoy a lot of good moments together.
But sometimes unwanted behaviour comes up - and you’re not sure how to respond.
It may be hitting.
Or whining
A tantrum.
Or insults.
It could be throwing a shoe.
Or suffocating clinginess.
And in those moments you don’t feel in control anymore.
You hesitate. You’re undecided.
You’re thinking, “This shouldn’t be happening.”
And you actually don’t know WHY it’s happening.
You just know you feel exhausted and out of your depth - and you’d like some clarity.


Come and join me for this Joyful Parenting - Joyful Life Masterclass to discover:

  • how to understand your child better, so you know exactly what to say and do to get the response you'd like;
  • my 4-step system for successfully dealing with unwanted behaviour, so you feel more confident and much less undesirable behaviour arises;
  • how to become a collaborative team with your child, in which you are a strong, peaceful and loving leader;
  • essential and little-known parenting truths that will enable you to let go of your anxiety as a parent and allow more joy into your life.


After this Masterclass you'll feel uplifted
and you'll have the NECESSARY TOOLS to KNOW what to do.


Plan for the Morning:

09:30 - 10:00 Welcome; coffees & teas.
10:00 - 10:10 Introductions and overview.
10:10 - 10:25 Identify how you are holding yourself back as a parent.
10:25 - 11:10 Approach number 1:

Set yourself up for success through a respectful and collaborative approach to everyday interactions with your child. Interactive exercises and discussion.

11:10 - 11:30 Approach number 2:

Discover how to help your child resolve upset and strong feelings, so that you never feel “What should I be doing?” again. Interactive exercises and discussion.

11:30 -11:45 Break: drinks and healthy snacks.
11:45 - 12:30 Approach number 3:

Learn to guide your child in ways they can accept and understand, when undesirable behaviour arises. You will learn my flexible and memorable 4 step system, which can be applied in any situation, so that you have options ready when you need them. Exercise, presentation and discussion.

12:30 - 12:35 Humoresque
12:35 - 01:00 Solving your questions using approaches 1, 2 and 3.
01:00 Close


What My Clients Say..


“It’s been wonderful. And I’d highly recommend it.”


“Oh God, you’re going to love it! Oona’s wonderful and really makes you see things from the child’s point of view. It’s incredible - that knowledge of how a child thinks. She’ll open your eyes! Whatever you’ve read, it’s so different to have someone who knows and can tailor it to your particular circumstances. Things are so much better than they were before. I feel a lot more confident as a mother and I know what to do. It’s been wonderful. And I’d highly recommend it.” ~Sophia Garrido


“It’s the most respectful way of parenting I’ve come across.”


"Oona’s approach has transformed the way I parent using clear, simple tools that that feel right, easy and natural - and they work really well! It’s the most respectful way of parenting I’ve come across. Also authentic. And it allows children to be who they are - without imposing. The points of conflict don’t get set up, because you get good responses from the child. So you get to be the parent you want to be!”~ Sarah Khanna


PLUS: Additional Bonus!

I really want you to get answers to your questions so, when you sign up, you will be able to choose one of the attractive and parent-friendly modules from my online course, Six Weeks to Sanity for Parents to download for free. You can choose from: (1) Care, Love and Connection, (2) Boundaries and Confidence, (3) Communication with Children, (4) Movement and Play, (5) Daily Sequences, Responsiveness and Transitions and (6) Social Learning. These modules dovetail beautifully with the Masterclass and will help you implement your new knowledge.

So here are the nuts and bolts:

Masterclass: Joyful Parenting - Joyful Life
Time: 10am - 1pm
Date: To be confirmed
Address: To be confirmed
BONUS: Module of your choice from my Six Weeks to Sanity for Parents online course





Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

  • I have a six year old and a three year old. Is this event suitable for me? Yes, absolutely. This event is for parents with children from birth to six years old.
  • May I bring my child along with me? I’m afraid this is a learning event for parents so children need to be left at home and cared for by someone else.
  • Is there parking at the venue? Yes, there is parking in the street.
  • Can I get there by public transport? Yes, there are trains to Kings Langley, where you can get a taxi or walk.
  • I have done one/some of your events before. Is this suitable for me? This is a new class, in which I bring you the heart of my approach and the benefit of my further experience working as a coach with parents. So it is not an exact repeat of any past event. If you are still not sure, contact me and I will be happy to help.