We are now on a different trajectory. I have so much more energy; my son is happier; I am happier; my husband is happier. You can’t put a price on the joy you can get from working with you. The money is nothing compared to the benefit. I would pay it many times over to be where I am today.

I am... very, very grateful to you. And I hope that any parents who are struggling or stressed out find their way to you.

A-Jin Kim, Toronto, mother of D, 1 year,

“Oh God, you’re going to love it! Oona’s wonderful and really makes you see things from the child’s point of view. It’s incredible - that knowledge of how a child thinks. She’ll open your eyes! Whatever you’ve read, it’s so different to have someone who knows and can tailor it to your particular circumstances.

Things are so much better than they were... before. I feel a lot more confident as a mother and I know what to do. It’s been wonderful. And I’d highly recommend it.”

Sophia Garrido, mother of V, 2, and M, 9 months,

“Before I came across Oona I was feeling pretty down. I had tried all parenting 'discipline' approaches, read all the books, skimmed all the articles - consequences, time outs, reward charts, shouting - but nothing seemed to be working. Working with Oona was eye opening and such a relief. I liked the questions she asked, and I liked her approach enormously. Right from the first session we got helpful advice and suggestions that we implemented almost immediately, and which quickly improved things at home. I see things now from a very different perspective, and this has helped me find better ways to tackle 'challenging behaviour'. I feel I have more tools to draw on now, which has been really helpful when difficult situations come up. Oona isn't afraid of asking challenging questions and getting you to confront some difficult truths about your parenting style and the reasons for it - which, again, I found so helpful. Don't think twice about signing up with Oona, it's time and money well spent!”.

Muna W, London, Mother,

“It is tempting to think you can learn from books and that a workshop is frivolous. This is not my experience. With a book you read and understand what is discussed but with Oona's workshops you experience and get a deeper feel for the approaches. It is very clever. I feel I have shifted in a subtle way that has in turn made a huge difference. I can feel the harmony in our day to day life building as I become and as I slowly implement what Oona has shared through her workshops. This could not have been experienced through reading about the topics Oona covers. I do unreservedly recommend these workshops to all parents and it has been just as relevant to my 4 year old as it is to my twin babies.”

Chloe Chiles, Chesham, Bucks

“After following Oona’s recommendations and advice, we have all found that the atmosphere in the nursery is much calmer and that many of the children seem more settled. Staff and children have all benefited.... I feel that Oona’s work contributed to the good practice and outcomes mentioned by the Ofsted inspector.”

Sally Larkin, Manager, The Rowan’s Nursery, Derbyshire

“The world would be a much more peaceful place if there were more people like Oona around. Oona has a very child-centered, child-loving approach that not only comes across with her incredibly helpful and supportive interactions with parents but with her peaceful and calm communication with children.
Oona's approach, often injected with humour, has helped me, as a parent to be more flexible, more in tuned to the moment, in a loving, gentle and positive way.
Oona never imposed her parenting style on me but rather encouraged me to find my own… She sees the best in children at all times and this is enormously helpful in turning a negative, frustrated situation around to a happy, peaceful outcome.”

Christina de Freitas, Mother