Oona’s Vision

A co-founder of the Pikler UK Association, I have twenty five years’ hands-on experience working with children and families - first as a teacher, then guiding parents and young children as a group leader. Twelve years ago, when my son was born, I came across the work of Dr Emmi Pikler and have now done extensive training in the Pikler approach.

I feel very grateful that Emmi Pikler's daughter, Anna Tardos, who heads up all things Pikler worldwide, has give her personal stamp of approval to my work with parents.

My approach is based on love and understanding for children and parents. "Horrible" behaviour is exasperating and a loving response may seem counterintuitive. However when children are being "horrible" they are actually feeling "horrible" too, so a loving response is the only response that addresses the root of the problem.

This isn't easy. That's why I help you make subtle changes in the way you think about your child. You start to "get" them. Their behaviour isn't a mystery any more. You understand things from their point of view. So you know the best thing to do and say to get the positive response you want. 


The formal bit: Oona's Qualifications

1986 -  BA Oxford University, French and History

1992 -  Diploma in Waldorf (Steiner) Education

2011 -  Trained as Parent Group Leader to run the Nurturing Programme - evidence based parenting programme

2012 -  Early Years Professional Status: Postgraduate Qualification equivalent to NVQ Level 6

2011-16   Trained in the Pikler approach